Big Day, Big Week

The primary focus today was on SpecialsAgent. We have two months to demonstrate traction in our consumer products, and while that should be enough it doesn’t leave a lot of time. Today was about getting the organization ready to move forward quickly and intelligently.  With our backer’s blessing, we’ve placed Marcus Cobb in the presidential role.  I feel really good about it.  That made it a big day.

After a year of preparation and development, the SpecialsAgent iPhone app launches on Friday.  Lots to do in preparation.  That makes it a big week.

Over the weekend I finally acquianted myself with the video collection available at Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship Corner.  I’m looking forward to discussing one of the talks by Eric Ries with my employees, on this blog, and with anyone else I can find.  Inspirational stuff.  My thanks to Isaac Smith for introducing me to this amazing resource.

I also did some reading over the weekend.  In addition to continuing to read Team of Rivals, I blasted through The Five Temptations of a CEO in one sitting.  Not hard to do. Based on value received to brevity, I’d recommend it to anyone is senior management.

So yes, big day, big week.  More to come.

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